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Ningxia Kofolon International Co Ltd is a new company specialized in wasabi horsereadish and seasoning products which was invested by Rizhao Huamei Foodstuffs Co Ltd The company has 5 000 acres of horseradish planting base and has 10 000 of morden workshop Main products is wasabi powder wasabi paste horseradish flakes horseradish powder horseradish granules fresh horseradish frozen horseradish and garlic chilli sereies Welcome custmoers and friends all over the

Categories and Products

Wasabi Products

Wasabi Powder

spicy sushi wasabi powder hot sushi wasabi powder high quality wasabi powder 2018 new crop high quality wasabi powder wasabi powder best selling factory price japanese style Japanese real wasabi powder natural japanese wasabi powder 2018 new crop wasabi powder 2018 new corp wasabi powder best quality 

Wasabi Paste

spicy sushi wasabi paste 43g wasabi paste with real wasabi wasabi sauce with real wasabi best quality wasabi paste 43g SPICY WASABI PASTE SPICY WASABI PASTE 43g real wasabi paste 43g natural japanese wasabi paste natural spicy wasabi paste 

Horseradish Products

Fresh Horseradish

2017 new crops fresh horseradish roots new crops fresh horseradish roots fresh horseradish roots mai root fresh horseradish roots side root 

Dehydrated Horseradish Flakes

dry spicy horseradish flakes dried spicy horseradish flakes dehydrated spicy horseradish flakes Dehydrated hot horseradish flakes new spicy horseradish flakes 

Dehydrated Horseradish Granules

dry spicy horseradish granules dried spicy horseradish granule 1-3mm dry spicy horseradish granule 1-3mm dry spicy horseradish granule 1-3 dry spicy horseradish granule 3-5mm dry spicy horseradish granule 5-10mm dry spicy horseradish granule 5-8 mesh dry spicy horseradish granule 8-16 mesh dry spicy horseradish granule 16-40 mesh dry hot horseradish granule 1-3mm dry hot horseradish granule 5-8mm dry hot horseradish granule 3-5mm dry hot horseradish granule 5-10mm dry hot horseradish granule 5-8 mesh dry hot horseradish granule 8-16 mesh dry hot horseradish granule 16-40 mesh dehydrated spicy horseradish granule dehydrated spicy horseradish granule 1-3mm dehydrated spicy horseradish granule 2-5mm dehydrated spicy horseradish granule 5-10mm 

Dehydrated Horseradish Powder

dry spicy horseradish powder Dehydrated spicy horseradish powder Dry hot horseradish powder Dried hot horseradish powder Dehydrated hot horseradish powder dried spicy horseradish powder 80-100 mesh dry spicy horseradish powder 80-100 mesh Dehydrated spicy horseradish powder 80-100 mesh Dry hot horseradish powder 80-100 mesh Dehydrated hot horseradish powder 80-100 mesh 

Frozen Horseradish

spicy frozen horseradish roots spicy frozen horseradish roots 1x1 spicy frozen horseradish roots 1x1cm Hot frozen horseradish roots 1x1cm Hot frozen horseradish roots 2x2cm spicy frozen horseradish roots 2x2cm Hot frozen whole horseradish roots 

Mustard Products

Mustard Powder

Mustard powder Dry hot mustard powder Dry spicy mustard powder Dried mustard powder Dried hot mustard powder Dried spicy mustard powder Dehydrated mustard powder Dehydrated hot mustard powder Dehydrated spicy mustard powder sushi seasoning Mustard powder 

Mustard Paste

sushi spicy mustard paste 

Hot Pepper

Whole Hot Pepper

yidu dry chilli dry tianying chilli jinta whole chilli dried whole chilli chilli flakes 3-5mm chilli flakes 3-5mm with seed chilli flakes 3-5mm without seed 

Sushi Products

Sushi Ginger

pickled sushi ginger-pink grade a sushi ginger natural color grade a pickled pink sushi ginger high quality sushi ginger white color sushi ginger sushi ginger in glass jar pickled sushi ginger in galss bottle 200g sushi ginger in bottle 

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